VACC Auto Apprenticeships, based in Melbourne, Victoria, are the experts in Automotive Apprenticeships/Traineeships. We can help you launch your career as an apprentice motor mechanic, motorcycle mechanic, panel beater, spray painter, and more!

Apprentice or Trainee Obligations

The apprentice or trainee has the following responsibilities:

  • Accept and take reasonable instructions from their employer and host employer
  • Attend and accept training at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or in the workplace as directed 
  • Accurately complete their weekly Time Sheet and ensure they have been submitted to the VACC on time
  • Ensure all relevant leave forms are submitted to the VACC at the appropriate times
  • Contact VACC Auto Apprenticeships in the event of a workplace injury
  • Complete the Training Record Book ensuring they have completed tasks set out by VACC or their host employer
  • Adhere to the VACC policies and procedures
  • Ask their Field Officer for assistance when required 
  • Abide by the Terms and Conditions and roles and responsibilities as stated in the Training Contract.